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The Criterion Chat #62 – Mulholland Dr.

This is the episode. Listen on SoundCloud.

Total Recall – Deep Focus

Nate recalls Arnold Schwarzenegger's extraordinary acting while Matt recalls not recognizing the brilliance of "Total Recall." You decide who is right and let us know! Watch on YouTube.

The Criterion Chat #61 – Barry Lyndon

One May Enjoy This Episode, Hosted by Nate and Matt, Regarding an Account by Stanley Kubrick of the Misfortunes and Disasters Which Befell Barry Lyndon, Released in 1975. Listen on…

The Dark Knight: Victory in the Shadows – The Workprint

A video essay discussing the moral paradigm presented in Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight." Clips from the film and pieces of the score are used to highlight the underscore the…

The Criterion Chat #60 – Diabolique

In this episode, Nate and Matt discuss Henri-Georges Clouzot's influential 1955 thriller "Diabolique." Listen on SoundCloud.

Raiders of the Lost Ark – Deep Focus

To commemorate its 40th anniversary, Nate and Matt discuss the classic film that isn't called "Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark," directed by some guy named Spielberg,…

Pearl Harbor – Deep Focus

Matt and Nate risk friends, family, and careers to discuss 2001's epic "Pearl Harbor." What you see in this review cannot be unseen. Proceed at your own risk. "Pearl Harbor"…

The Criterion Chat #59 – The Manchurian Candidate

In this episode, Nate and Matt discuss John Frankenheimer's influential political thriller "The Manchurian Candidate," released in 1962. It's the kindest, bravest, warmest podcast I've ever known. https://soundcloud.com/thecriterionchat/the-criterion-chat-59-the-manchurian-candidate

Citizen Kane – Deep Focus

In honor of its 80th anniversary, Nate and Matt discuss Orson Welles' "Citizen Kane" while enjoying some Paul Masson--ahh, the French! Clips from "Citizen Kane" are pulled from the Warner…

Magnolia – Deep Focus

In this episode of Deep Focus, Nate and Matt quietly judge Paul Thomas Anderson's 1999 epic "Magnolia," released by New Line Cinema. View video on YouTube.