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Heat – Deep Focus

To end 2020 with something good, Nate and Matt discuss Michael Mann's 1995 classic "Heat" just in time to honor its 25th anniversary. Like, subscribe, share, and comment. "Heat" is…

The Criterion Chat #53 – Christmas Wish List #5

In this annual episode, Nate and Matt choose one classic and one contemporary film they would like to see included in the Criterion Collection. Will their wishes come true? Will…

The French Connection – Deep Focus

Nate and Matt hope to avoid the wrath of William Friedkin after discussing his 1971 classic "The French Connection." View video on YouTube.

Rebecca – Deep Focus

Nate and Matt discuss David. O. Selznick's Academy Award-winning production of "Rebecca" (directed by Alfred Hitchcock) as Netflix releases a new adaptation for the streaming age. View video on YouTube.

The Criterion Chat #52 – Dreams

In this episode, Nate and Matt discuss Akira Kurosawa's 1995 sleeper hit, "Dreams." https://soundcloud.com/thecriterionchat/the-criterion-chat-52-dreams

Amadeus – Deep Focus

In this episode, Nate and Matt discuss Milos Forman's 1984 Best Picture winner "Amadeus," based the play by Peter Shaffer, and released by Warner Bros. *insert braying laugh here* View…

Friday the 13th – Deep Focus

In honor of its 40th anniversary and the date itself, Nate and Matt discuss the original "Friday the 13th" from Paramount Pictures, directed by Sean S. Cunningham and written by…

The Criterion Chat #51 – Straw Dogs

In this episode, Nate and Matt face their fear of the English countryside and bear traps. As a bonus, they talk about Sam Peckinpah's landmark examination of violence: 1971's "Straw…

Tombstone – Deep Focus

Nate and Matt discuss the increasingly popular 1993 Western "Tombstone," released by Touchstone/Disney. Be an oak. View video on YouTube.

Nurse Betty – Deep Focus

In honor of its 20th anniversary this month, Nate and Matt discuss Neil LaBute's "Nurse Betty," a forgotten gem of American cinema. Directed by Neil LaBute and starring Renee Zellweger,…